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References of Main Projects

  • Acetic Acid Project (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia)
    Sabic, Saudi Arabia
  • Centro Oli Val d’Agri (Basilicata, Italy)
    , Italy
  • Corinth Refinery Expansion project
    Motor Oil Hellas, Greece
  • Dolphin Project - HIGH SPEED MOTOR + spare parts
    Hitachi Plant Technologies, Japan
  • El Isba-Phase III compressors plant
    AFPC, Syria
  • Enhancement of Rhourde El-Baguel Oilfiel (Algeria)
    Kellogg Eng. Co., USA
  • Ethylene Plant (Beijn, China)
    CNTC, China
  • Ethylene Plant (Brindisi, Italy)
    ENICHEM, Italy
  • Hamaca Crude Oil Upgrader Project (Jose industrial complex, Venezuela)
    Petrolera Ameriven, Venezuela
  • Indonesia Steel Mill construction
    Danieli, Italy
  • IPSA Phase II Pipeline Crude oil pumping stations & terminal marine turbo generator station
    SAIPEM, Saudi Arabia
  • Mexilhão Project - Platform Jacket - Pmxl-1 Tubulars  Fabrication
    Petrobras, Brazil
  • Naphtha Reformer Complex (Alexandria, Egypt)
    A.P.C., Egypt
  • North Sumatra LPG Plant - Pertamina (Indonesia)
    Japan Gasoline Corporation, Japan
  • Pearl GTL Project, FGP Works in  RAS LAFFAN QATA
  • PNG-LNG Plant Project (Papua New Guinea)
    CJJV (Chiyoda-JGC Joint Venture), Japan
  • PTA Plant (Geel, Belgium)
    AMOCO, Belgium
  • QATARGAS project 3 & 4 - train 6 and 7 - QCS onshore / onplot NGL expansion project – RAS LAFFAN QATAR
    CTJV (Chiyoda-Technip Joint Venture), France and Japan
  • QATARGAS project phase II- train 4 and 5 - QGII onshore NGL expansion project – RAS LAFFAN QATAR
    CTJV (Chiyoda-Technip Joint Venture), France and Japan
  • RAS GAS project phase II - train 6 and 7 - RGX 6&7 on shore / on plot NGL expansion project– RAS LAFFAN QATAR
    CTJV (Chiyoda-Technip Joint Venture), France and Japan
  • Rebuilding of Damaged facility at GC 15 and BS 130 (Kuwait)
    Fluor Daniel Engineering
    Company, USA
  • Refurbishment and increase of Diesel Treatment Units of UHDT II - Petrobras/Alberto Pasqualini-Refap S.A. - Petrobras- UTC Engenharia S.A., Brazil
  • Riyadh Refinery Complex, Abqaiq-Maintain Gas Compression Capacity and Haradh Gas Plant -
    ARAMCO, Saudi Arabia
  • S1 and S2 compressor station for Iranian gas-line (Iran)
    Daelim Engineering and Construction, Korea
  • Sincor Downstream Project (Jose industrial complex, Venezuela)
    Consorcio Contrina, Venezuela
  • South Hook LNG Project  - BOG compressors
    ISHIKAWAJIMA – HI Co. Ltd, Japan
  • Tabangao Refinery (Philippines)
    Shell, Philippines
  • TAMOIL Petroleum Refinery in Collombey (Switzerland) and Cremona (Italy)
    Foster Wheeler Italiana, Italy
  • Various Locations - expediting activities
    Babcock Engineering, Canada



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