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Expediting Services



IN.CO. S.r.l. expediting services ensure that the production program for goods, materials, or equipments is maintained to meet the project schedules at different stages of job development (project, manufacturing or delivery stages) and fulfill the contractual delivery terms.
Our experienced expeditors evaluate the status of a supply and foresee the most feasible delivery dates according to the production situation: the regular presence of an expeditor at vendor premises enable the client to gain precise and  updated information about all stages of the production, from engineering to material delivery, manufacturing, quality control, packing and shipping.
Furthermore, expeditors are able to identify any conditions that may cause potential delays and to suggest the best solutions to avoid further postponements and recover the existing delays.
IN.CO. S.r.l. expediting services include:

  • Monitoring of material dispatch;
  • Evaluation of job status in the view of the overall project;
  • Verifications of deadlines and delays;
  • Suggestion of solutions/initiatives to preserve the existing manufacturing progress or to recover existing or potential delays;
  • Field Expediting Visits and Desk Expediting;
  • Supply status update through emission of periodic Expediting Reports.




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