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Inspections & Consulting S.r.l. offers a wide range of inspection services in the industrial and Oil & Gas fields to ensure that all stages of projects meet the necessary quality standards and requirements, through the monitoring and coordination of all activities carried out at the premises of manufacturers and related subcontractors.
IN.CO. S.r.l. technical inspection services are planned and developed according to the specific requirements of our clients: for this reason, and the activities of inspectors can be organized as follows:

On-call inspection activities


IN.CO. S.r.l on-call inspectors visit manufacturers and related sub-contractors to verify some specific and crucial stages of production, which have been previously agreed between client and vendor and are identified on the Test Plan as spot witness, spot witness, hold or review points.
The presence of inspectors is requested and defined through the notifications issued by vendors: the most suitable profile is chosen and agreed with client according to the specific skills required for the situation on the basis of the material to be inspected and the test/activity to be carried out.
At the end of each visit, inspectors issue a report, detailing the verified activities and attaching all related documentation (test certificates, photographic report and, if necessary, Non Conformance Reports and Release Notes) to duly inform the client about the results of the inspection.

Resident inspection activities


IN.CO. S.r.l. resident inspectors are present on a permanent basis (usually 8 hours a day and 5 days a week) at vendor premises, to follow closely and step-by step all stages of productions. In this case, inspectors attend all tests and activities marked in the Test Plan, monitoring the entire production process and reporting to client on a regular basis to inform/update about the manufacturing situation.

Furthermore, IN.CO. S.rl. experienced personnel is able to assess a wide range of productions activities: we count among our staff highly qualified international experts of plant installation, mechanical and electrical equipments, instrumentations, non-destructive testing, welding, coating and many other fields, and as a result we are able to supervise all aspects of productions to ensure that projects meets all quality standard, contractual requirements and technical specifications.
The inspection services offered by IN.CO. S.r.l. includes:

Manufacturer Inspections
  • Visit to the premises of vendors and/or related sub-contractors to verify the activities marked as spot witness, witness or hold on the Test Plan;
  • Attendance of Pre Inspection/Manufacturing Meetings;
  • Inspection of all stages of manufacturing activities (initial visits, in progress and final inspections);
  • Witnessing of non-destructive tests;
  • Supervision of mechanical test such as hydrostatic test, pneumatic test, leakage test, running test, type test and routine test, performance test, PMI, hardness test, air flow test, hammer test, air flow test, PWHT, Cryogenic test and so on;
  • Visual, dimensional and quantity control of goods/commodities;
  • Painting check with NACE inspectors;
  • Welding, coating and lining inspections;
  • Verification of production schedule and delivery dates;
  • Cleaning check (material cleanliness examination and/or external surface preparation);
  • Final release inspection for shipment;
  • Packing and Marking inspection;
  • Packing documentation review and issuance of Release Notes;
  • Pre-shipment inspection;
  • Monitoring during transportation and shipping of goods;
  • Inspection of Packing and Making;
Documentation and Qualification
  • Review of test/inspection certificates;
  • Review of material certificates (chemical analysis, mechanical properties and so on);
  • Verification of Manufacturer Data Books;
  • Review of QCP/ITP;
  • Support for the creation of quality assurance programs;
  • Examination of vendor technical documentation, procedures and data sheets to verify the compliance with project specification and national/international standards.



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